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A well designed house with deck in front and gravel around the stairs. Landscape Design Kingston.

There is an endless list of landscaping ideas in Kingston. Our company will help you find the right one for you if it’s a tropical patio with rockeries, waterworks, irrigation systems, or garden design in the front and back yards.


We install custom fountains, ponds, waterfalls, and other water features in Kingston. Get started today with landscape design Kingston. From residential garden lighting to large-scale commercial yards and retaining wall drainage and irrigation systems, our local team is ready to provide landscaping services.


We strive to design high-quality, creative, and functional landscapes using only the highest quality materials, prefabricated products, and natural stone so you can enjoy lasting beauty for many years at the same time. 


To this end, we understand the need for well-designed professional plans and use the latest technology to provide accurate drawings so you can fully visualize the results.


Our design team works with you from the initial consultation through the design of your finished project.


Our qualified team will meet with you for a consultation to discuss your landscaping needs and desires, taking the photos and measurements needed to ensure the correct designs for your property. We’ll also evaluate your existing landscape, identify existing plant material, and offer professional advice and ideas. With this information, our designers will create a detailed sketch:


  • Existing and proposed factories
  • Recommended garden accents
  • Landscape

With an emphasis on cost, quality, function, and aesthetics, we will ensure that your landscaping needs are met or exceeded. 

A large house with a separate garage and a mowed lawn out front.

Landscape Design Kingston

During the consulting phase, we determine your expectations and what steps to take to exceed them. 

Onsite consultations for prospective customers are free and include:

  • Scope of your project
  • The current state of your outdoor space
  • Your Goals
  • Desired Budget

Please let us know the dimensions, notes, photos, etc.

Work with our designers to help bring your vision to life. Our design technology creates and modifies models to bring your vision to life and prepare for the next step. The draft also includes logistical aspects not considered during the consultation stage.

After agreeing on the final design, we discussed color options and materials in more detail. Once the project is confirmed, we will send you a formal quotation.

Once the formal quote and design are approved, the permit application is completed (if required). We are happy to offer advice and support at this stage. Smooth, on-time, and budget-conscious projects will benefit from this move.

A house lit up at night with lights on in the house.

Our project managers and landscapers are in constant contact during the construction phase. We make sure everything goes smoothly by keeping you informed throughout the process. We complete your project on time and accurately to your complete satisfaction. 

You can see the extra effort at every step, from the first draft to the final product. Our team is very transparent about everything. Transparency allows us to assure our clients that projects meet their specifications.


Our approach for your next landscape design Kingston project follows his three-step design approach:

Meeting with the customer

The first phase is the most critical phase of the landscape design Kingston process. It’s about getting to know your customers, listening to their needs, and understanding what they want. 


Sketch and Inspiration

In the second phase, we give you an idea of what the project will look like. We share sketches to inspire the final design.


Final Drawing

The final stage of the landscape design Kingston approach is the final drawing. All the necessary sketches for the project are complete and shared with the customer, who can see the project come to life.  


Our Canadian landscaping company aerates the lawn and installs water features, sprinklers, stone and brick garden paths, retaining walls, and all the other amazing things you need to complete. We are waiting and looking forward to providing you with patio designs, front garden designs, flower garden designs, rock garden designs, pool landscape design Kingston, outdoor lawn care designs. 


All the best landscape design Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Contact Kingston Landscaping Pros for your next landscape design Kingston project. We’d love to take your call and discuss how we can start today!