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Landscaping Lighting Kingston

A gazebo with lighting inside landscape lighting kingston

Landscape lighting Kingston offers many benefits, including:

Beautify the details of carefully planned and created landscapes and architecture.


  • Extend your living space
  • Creates ambiance and a cozy atmosphere
  • Provide security around the house

Add the finishing touches to your landscape and create a cozy atmosphere that allows you to spend more time outside with family and friends.


Landscape lighting Kingston enhances your home and increases the value of your property. Scenic lighting adds drama and depth to the landscape and makes neighboring properties stand out.


Create a more comfortable environment while illuminating sidewalks, gates, plants, and anything else on your property that may pose a hazard, keeping everyone safe. Lighting up your environment makes your home more secure by reducing dark areas, making them more visible to cameras on your premises, and giving you control over your lighting when you’re away from home when you need a vacation.

a light bulb hanging on a string with other light bulbs.

Landscape Lighting Kingston

Outdoor life is a big part of many people’s daily lives. Why don’t you make a space where you can have fun at the entrance?


For homebuyers, outdoor living is an integral part of the home they plan to purchase. Landscape lighting Kingston is an easy way to highlight outdoor living and increase the value of your home. 


Transform Your Facility with Outdoor Lighting Services in Kingston

Why should you limit the use of outdoor spaces on your property when you can install outdoor landscape lighting fixtures to increase functionality?


Installing landscape lighting Kingston is a great way to enhance the look of your site even after the sun has set. Kingston Landscaping Pros has qualified professionals who can provide fast and efficient outdoor lighting installation services in Kingston. We can help you improve the appeal of your outdoor space without significantly increasing your operating costs.

A walk way with lights lighting up the path at night.

We provide outdoor lighting services to residential and commercial property owners in Kingston. We offer bespoke landscaping lighting Kingston designs that fit your budget. Whether you are installing lighting on your deck or want to spotlight a specific garden, we can help you choose the right landscape lighting Kingston design to meet all your needs.



Professional design and ideas for outdoor landscape lighting Kingston.

We have the expertise and resources to create the perfect landscape lighting Kingston design for any size facility. We can help you with:


Use high-quality decorative lighting to highlight specific areas of your landscape.


Install uprights at various locations in the landscape. Accentuate the beauty of your planting areas and flowerbeds with unique outdoor landscape lighting fixtures.


Mood lighting installed around hardscapes and outdoor structures adds vibrancy and charm to your landscape.

Install low-voltage lamps near shrubs and trees to illuminate them.

Install outdoor lighting to set a decorative accent in your outdoor area.


  • Curb appeal lighting
  • Garden Lighting
  • Deck and Patio lighting
  • Pool Lighting
  • Corridor and Stair Lighting
  • Porch and Vestibule lighting

Let us help you install outdoor lighting in Kingston, Ontario!

From installing specific lighting features to addressing safety concerns to improving ambiance, we offer a complete outdoor lighting service in Kingston. We understand your needs, assess your building structure, and help you select an outdoor lighting design that suits your specifications and the architecture of your location. Contact Kingston Landscaping Pros for your next lighting project. 

Frequently asked questions about outdoor lighting:

Why should I install outdoor landscape lighting?

Great outdoor lighting design enhances the property’s appeal so you can have fun in your front or backyard long after the sun goes down. It also increases the safety and comfort of your home.


How many lights does my yard need?

The number of lights required for landscape lighting depends on many factors: property size, lighting effect you want to achieve, budget, etc. Our designers and experts will assess your property, understand your needs, and develop the best outdoor lighting designs, ideas, and solutions.


What kind of landscape lighting services do you offer?

Kingston Landscaping Pros has experienced landscape architects for all kinds of landscape design needs. We support a wide range of garden lighting, pool lighting, deck and patio lighting, stair and walkway lighting, front yard lighting, complete backyard lighting, and more.


How much does outdoor lighting installation cost?

The total cost of exterior lighting for a property depends on many factors, including the size and age of the property, the number of lights, the number of hours of labor, and the materials required. Our experts will provide a quote so you know what to expect.