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Our team will use the best equipment to perform accurate and efficient work. Our equipment is subject to a rigorous maintenance and inspection program including daily sharpening of all mower blades. Sharp blades provide a clean cut for a healthier lawn. Our comprehensive lawn care services Kingston program ensures a beautiful lawn without the hassle. Our team takes the time to create detailed reports to monitor your lawn’s condition. Our skilled and knowledgeable team will keep your property in top condition.


  • Installation and repair of irrigation systems
  • Scarring (spring) and aeration (autumn)
  • Clean-up activities in spring and autumn
  • over-seeding and fertilizing
  • Lawn installation and repair
  • pest control
  • Grass clippings removal service
  • fertilizer

Kingston Landscaping Pros creates bespoke schedules and fertilizer formulations tailored to your plot needs. We use legal organic fertilizers that are safe for pets and children. For a hassle-free experience, you can customize your irrigation system and fertilizer application times based on rainfall.


An economical/cheap way to keep your lawn healthy

  • Fertilizer is a great way to extend and maintain your lawn’s life
  • Without fertilizer, most grasses will have difficulty maintaining their vigour and colour.
  • Nitrogen helps your lawn growth and maintain its green colour. Potassium increases resistance to drought and disease. Phosphorus nourishes grass seedlings and grassroots. 
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Why is lawn care services Kingston matters?

Lawn care services Kingston and garden maintenance are essential for individuals, organizations, and businesses. One misconception is the word “tidy” to describe a well-manicured lawn. Even if a well-manicured lawn looks perfect in photos, it doesn’t necessarily have to be pretty. 


When looking for gardening or landscaping services for your property finding the right company can be difficult, especially if you are new to the field. Gardening and lawn care services Kingston are essential for anyone with a garden or yard. You’ve probably already learned the importance of care, the right tools, and effective fertilizers. But how do you apply this knowledge to your situation?



Lawn care services Kingston can be daunting, especially since it requires frequent mowing. Our team offers the perfect solution. With many homes in Kingston having well-manicured yards, we recognized the need for quality lawn care services Kingston. We provide superior service at an affordable price and take the worry and stress out of lawn care. It’s that simple. We will send someone to handle everything for you. 



Motor Rake and Lawn Care Services Kingston, Ontario

Are you tired of seeing dead grass, plants, and leaves? 

Our team has the experience and tools you need to make your dreams come true.



Lawn raking and lawn fertilization keep your garden looking green and attractive. Our trusted and experienced team is just a phone call away. We maintain your garden so you can spend your free time doing what you love. Landscaping tasks don’t have to be stressful. 

Sod being rolled onto a lawn.
What is Power Rake?

Power raking is the act of removing debris from the ground. Straw, for example, is a layer of dead plants, leaves, roots, twigs, stems, or anything else over the years. The straw layer is usually thick enough to retain water and prevent the soil below from receiving water, nutrients, and sunlight. 



What is Motor Rake?

A motor rake removes thatch from the first layer of soil.


Why should I rake the lawn with a power rake?

Thatch accumulates over time while preventing nutrients from entering the soil, so protecting the remaining nutrients already present in the soil is a top priority. 


Excavation involves incorporating multiple layers into the soil, often healthy root systems uprooted and removed. Motor rake, on the other hand, is milder. It only touches the first layer of soil and protects the soil’s natural constituents. It goes without saying that paying attention to your lawn’s needs will help control weeds and moss.



Winter is the best time to rent a motor rake lawn service in Kingston, Ontario. Removing the soil during the winter gives your garden the time it needs to prepare for spring germination. But don’t worry. Whether you need a power rake for removing thatch or a power rake for artificial grass, our team at Our team has the experience and tools to help you with all your lawn care services Kingston. 


The secret to a healthy lawn is proper soil fertilizer. In order for the soil to be nutrient-rich, it must contain phosphorus, nitrates, and potassium. A lawn needs these three elements in addition to sunlight and water. Adding organic lawn fertilizer helps replenish your plants with the nutrients they need to grow thick and green. 


If you want a beautiful lawn, apply lawn fertilizer regularly. Ready to make your dreams a reality but don’t know where to start or how much it will cost? Fees for fertilizer services also depend on the size of your lawn and the type of fertilizer used.

Green grass near a wooden fence.

Lawn Care Services Kingston

What is lawn overseeding?

Basically, we use two approaches to lawn reseeding. The first method, suitable for beginners, is spot seeding. Instead of sowing the entire lawn, we sow only the soiled area. However, reseeding the lawn means reseeding the entire lawn. Our tactics and experience distinguish us from other landscaping companies in Kingston, Ontario. Whatever the season or weather, from spring lawn reseeding to fall lawn reseeding, our team knows how to make your garden more beautiful and greener.



What is lawn aeration?

Soil is the main cause of mottled, withered, and withered grass. For plants to grow, the soil must somehow be able to breathe. For example, grass may not grow because the soil underneath is too dry or compacted to absorb necessary resources, such as water. In this case, the best way to replant scattered lawn seeds is to call a professional.



When you hire our team, we will ‘exceed’ your expectations. When it comes to our aeration and overseeding services, we start with a thorough lawn inspection. From there, we determine which type of service is best for your lawn. Our strategy is then to aerate the lawn according to seed needs.  



What is Lawn Topdressing?

Even with good aeration, the soil may not contain all the nutrients needed for optimal growth. This is where lawn top dressing comes into play. Simply put, lawn topdressing is the application of a thin layer of specific nutrient-rich products onto the lawn as needed. There are a number of products, but I mainly switch between the following two methods depending on my needs.



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