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An outdoor kitchen with a few chairs in front of the counter top. Outdoor Kitchen Kingston

Homeowners today prefer outdoor living spaces. The backyard is one of the areas that needs updating the most. A stylish and practical use of the rear space is to create an outdoor kitchen Kingston and bar with the best features of an indoor kitchen where you can relax, enjoy and entertain.  This not only improves the overall attractiveness of the property but also increases its financial and functional value.


Whether you’re looking for outdoor bar designs or backyard kitchen ideas, we have you covered. Kingston Landscaping Pros has the expertise and experience to create stunning layouts that give you the best results.


Our specialized service for outdoor kitchens Kingston and bars

Outdoor kitchen Kingston design with a bar and its layout can be modest or lavish depending on your budget. Kingston Landscaping Pros will work to understand your needs and find the best solution to incorporate them into our kitchen designs and bar ideas.


We provide services in the following areas:

  • Design an outdoor kitchen with pergola, cabana or overhead pergolas
  • Garden bar and poolside kitchen
  • Concrete counters or countertops made of high-quality materials such as granite
  • Built-in outdoor grill with bar
  • Outdoor sink and dishwasher
  • Outdoor refrigerator and wine cellar for the bar
  • Outdoor ovens and fireplaces
A stone oven with a pizza inside.

Why choose us for your kitchen and backyard bar


When you cooperate with us, you will receive the following benefits:

We can help you with complex landscape planning for kitchen and bar installations.

Our trained landscape designers and architects will work to understand your preferences, cooking style and leisure habits. We will take you through the best ideas for outdoor kitchens and backyard bars, find the right parts, and create the perfect layout. We offer custom solutions to create a stunning outdoor kitchen design that reflects your personality.

We offer bar and kitchen design services at reasonable prices and deliver amazing results that exceed your expectations.


Get backyard kitchen designs and bar ideas

If you are looking for an expert to help you transform your garden, Kingston Landscaping Pros is the place for you. We offer the best outdoor kitchen designs in Kingston, Ontario to make sure you get the best value for money. We examine your property, analyze the available space in your garden, understand your needs and determine the best possible ideas for your kitchen and bar. We work with you to ensure you get the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.


We are happy to answer your questions and help you build your dream outdoor kitchen. 

An outdoor kitchen with an oven in the background.

Frequently asked questions about outdoor kitchens and bars:

Where to build an outdoor kitchen? 

If we build an outdoor kitchen Kingston and bar in your garden, we make sure that it fits your venue and can be integrated harmoniously. This helps identify other important things, such as: Kitchen size, ventilation and other essentials.


What devices should be included? 

There are many ways to identify appliances and appliances for your kitchen or bar. It mainly depends on what you want to use it for, your budget and the space you have. 


What type of structure should I use for my outdoor kitchen?

When it comes to outdoor kitchen Kingston ideas and backyard bar designs, you need to consider the basics like prep, cooking, and laundry areas. Also, consider storage space for cutlery, utensils, kitchen towels, and more. Choose an outdoor kitchen layout and style that matches the structure of your home and meets your needs.


How should the seating area be designed? 

Adding a seating area or seating area is useful when building an outdoor kitchen Kingston and bar. Depending on the size of your kitchen and the space you have available, you can design an outdoor living room that enhances the functionality and beauty of your entire garden.  


Contact us to learn more about how we can design your future outdoor kitchen Kingston.