Patio Kingston

Patio Kingston

An outdoor patio made of wood with furniture on it. Patio Kingston

Backyard Patio Kingston

With our beautiful Backyard Patio Kingston Design services in Kingston, we at Kingston Landscaping Pros specialize in constructing outstanding outdoor living spaces. Together, you and our talented team of designers and artisans will transform your backyard into a fun and entertaining paradise. We give your vision top priority from conception to execution, making sure that every component of your patio Kingston is painstakingly designed and carried out. Our backyard patio Kingston designs offer practicality for year-round enjoyment and improve the aesthetics of your outside space, whether your goal is to create a large entertainment area or a comfortable hideaway. 


Put your trust in Kingston Landscaping Professionals to create a customized haven in your backyard. Outdoor living spaces are now an extension of the home, and the materials chosen should blend seamlessly with the environment. Large flagstones are an option for a more traditional, natural cottage feel. Natural stone or patterned interlocks provide a visual highlight and add value to your home. Most people look forward to spending time outdoors in their backyards or balconies once the snow melts. 


We feel a greater sense of pride and homeownership when we look at paved or interconnected walkways, seating areas, driveways and sidewalks. 


Manicured lawns, ornaments, and blooming flowers add to the appeal of these unique designs, while large paving stones, natural stones, or interlock paving stones add a stunning visual accent to your home. 

Kingston Landscaping Pros creates landscape designs that match your vision and transform your garden into a masterpiece. Create your own space by combining various stone textures, colours and materials. Stone patios offer luxury and style while being durable and weatherproof.


From sandstone to limestone to granite, choose stone options that are as impressive as your home. Stone is the perfect foundation for any trendy outdoor space, and we use only high-quality stone materials from trusted quarries.  Work with our team to help design the perfect patio Kingston for your friends and family. We specialize in landscaping and have years of experience building outdoor stone patios and landscaping from start to finish.

A wood patio with wooden stairs from the upper level heading down to the backyard.
Stonework terrace

Make your backyard an extension of your living space by adding an interlocking stone patio. Natural stone is a proven material often used in composite backyard designs. We can easily improve your landscape by using interlocking stone to decorate your entertainment area. One of the most common materials used for patios is stone slabs. These flat stone slabs come in rectangular and square shapes and can be easily customized to suit your design preferences.


Kingston Landscaping Pros listens to your needs and builds a patio Kingston that fits your lifestyle. Kingston Landscaping Pros provides landscaping to residents of Kingston and surrounding areas. We have machines that can move heavy stones to the right place. As landscape professionals, we get the job done efficiently and on time. 


Our homes are typically linear, but patios don’t necessarily have to be linear. Kingston Landscaping Pros can design and build circular terraces, creating intricate designs and inlays that impress with their elegance and beauty.


A circular patio design adds balance, flair and emphasis to your outdoor space. It conveys a sense of connectedness, facilitates traffic flow and ensures comfortable social interaction. By eliminating corners, less material can be used than a square terrace of the same size.

A patio pictured in the morning

Patio Stones Kingston

The circular patio design makes a bold statement and works well as a fire pit or stunning focal point. Our large selection of landscaping and patio stones makes it easy to create a patio you will enjoy for years to come.

Advantages of natural stone terraces

  • Stone Patio Kitchen
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Many people love the beautiful look of natural stone patios that create a connection with nature.

Stone terrace has many other advantages: 

  • Stone patio resists scratches, stains and fading
  • Stone withstands the elements and does not rot or rot
  • Since it does not catch fire, it is safe even if it is stone-grilled.
  • A stone patio is a great addition to an outdoor kitchen
  • Stone is durable and adds a touch of class to the landscape.
  • Stones are available in a wide range of colours including grey, red and brown

Kingston Landscaping Pros in Kingston, Ontario can help you create the perfect patio area for you and your family. Contact us today to learn more about how we can design your next patio.