Retaining Wall Kingston

Retaining Wall Kingston

A retaining wall Kingston with grass behind it.

Retaining Wall Kingston

Are you looking for a retaining wall Kingston installer near you? Then consider hiring Kingston Landscaping Pros. Our team includes landscape architects and talented project managers with different specialties. Whatever your requirements, you can trust us to get the job done. In case you don’t know, a retaining wall looks like half a wall. It is essentially a structure that holds a garden together. People install these walls for both structural and aesthetic reasons. However, when building a retaining wall, it is usually the buyer’s responsibility to decide which materials to use for construction. There are many materials: concrete blocks, cement, wood, stone, and cobblestone.


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Advantages of Retaining Wall Kingston

There are many benefits of installing a retaining wall Kingston. First, a structure as sturdy as the retaining wall will help hold the soil in place if the garden floods. In other words, these walls help reduce flooding, prevent sinkholes, prevent erosion, and protect your property from water damage. Not to mention, these bespoke walls will make any garden look chic.



Retaining wall type

When hiring a professional retaining wall Kingston contractor to build the perfect garden retaining wall Kingston, there are a few things to consider. For example, when choosing to employ ourselves, we may ask ourselves questions such as:


What is your garden already made of? Is it fertile soil, sand, clay, or something else? Want to change your configuration?

Want to add accessories to your walls, such as decorations and lights? Will the floor above or below be level or sloped?

Does this slope lead to a specific part of the garden?

What is the ideal height of this wall?

A retaining wall in a yard.
A retaining wall with stairs in front of it and some flowers.
Retaining Wall Kingston Designs

Our specialty at Kingston Landscaping Pros is creating gorgeous and long-lasting retaining wall designs. We transform your outdoor spaces with talented professionals who mix engineering precision and creativity. Our retaining walls suit your specific requirements to improve the appeal of your garden or are looking for solutions for uneven terrain. We take pride in providing architectural features that complement your landscape. Put your trust in Kingston Landscaping Pros to create outstanding retaining wall designs to enhance your outdoor living experience.


Retaining wall options:

Stone and natural stone

Stacked stone retaining walls are the most natural land-securing solution we offer. Stacked stone walls differ from cobblestone retaining walls in that the rock is quarried, giving it a distinct edge that provides stability and security. Dry masonry walls prevent passive drainage through rock cracks, thereby relieving pressure behind the retaining wall.


Concrete block

These highly engineered blocks can provide strong holding power when enhanced with stabilizers.

Another great advantage of modular block products is the ability to create compact curves that enable more organic landscape shapes. 


The design possibilities are endless: traditional drywall, contemporary stone walls, and commercial retaining walls. Walls and stairs add structure and function while adding visual impact to new, previously unused spaces.

The design possibilities are endless: traditional drywall, contemporary stone walls, and commercial retaining walls. Walls and stairs add structure and function to new, previously unused spaces while adding visual impact.


A retaining wall opens up possibilities for your home or business. They have the function of restraining the earth and preventing erosion. Planting perennials, flowers, and shrubs in and around stone rows and commercial walls can not only accentuate a retaining wall.

Retaining Wall Kingston Cost

Simply put, the price of retaining wall construction depends on many factors. For example, using wood as a material costs more than simple cement. Other factors vary depending on length, height, and ground. 


Create a reliable ground-holding solution for hardscapes to ensure stability and more usable outdoor spaces.


Your property and the safety of your neighbours are at risk when implementing a land security solution. There are many issues to consider when installing a retaining wall, but the most important is drainage. Hydrostatic pressure that builds up behind walls is a cause of wall failure. Retaining walls are necessary to raise, level, and shape the site.


Using a wide range of products and following engineering installation practices will give you a retaining wall that fits your needs with long-lasting durability. Property maintenance costs a lot of money. We want to ensure that we provide the best cost-effectiveness to our customers.

A retaining wall with flowers in front of it.

Retaining walls play an important role in many courtyards. Benefits include:


Prevent erosion by holding down soil on slopes

Improved drainage

Creating a flat and easy-to-use garden

Improve the overall appearance of your property


Once you’ve decided to install a retaining wall, the next step is to hire professionals. Kingston Landscaping Pros are here to help.