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Water Feature Kingston

We could install a waterfall, pond, irrigation system, perimeter drainage, and a beautiful garden fountain to attract local birds and add a touch of magic to the layout. Your yard is important to us. We take pride in designing the best water feature Kingston for your yard. 


Whether it’s commercial landscaping and you want to install custom ponds and water features for the public to enjoy or the private and family residential landscape water feature Kingston installation service you need, Kingston Landscaping Pros can satisfy you. Discuss your unlimited options and quickly install the water features you need in your Kingston landscape! 


Water is essential to life. You can enjoy waterfalls and ponds year-round as they dampen ambient noise and have a calming effect, making them ideal habitats for native species.


A pool can be the ultimate backyard oasis when combined with well-planned landscaping. Complementing your pool with a pergola or wooden structure can create a space your family will enjoy for years.


Water has a calming effect when in your yard. The cascading waters dampen ambient noise and have a calming effect, making them ideal habitats for native species, so water features can be enjoyed all year round. Ponds not only provide hours of tranquillity and beauty to be enjoyed, but also provide a potential ecosystem for plants, fish, and insects. The repetition of dripping and falling water adds fun and tranquillity to your garden or pool.


A pool can be the ultimate backyard oasis when combined with well-planned landscaping. A well-planned landscaping increases the value of your home for potential buyers looking for a home with a pool. Adding a pergola or wooden structure to your pool creates a space your family will enjoy for years to come. The unique design of the pergola and timber structure provides shaded areas, privacy, and possibly additional seating. In addition, large stone slabs and natural or composite stones add a touch of luxury to your pool and make you want to spend more time by the pool. 


Many customers find the sound of lapping water very calming and helpful for relaxation and meditation. Kingston Landscapes lets you build custom waterfalls for your pool or any backyard water system you can think of.

A waterfall flowing into a pool
A waterfall in a backyard pond.
Pool Waterfall


Water Feature Kingston is no longer have to be simple. Adding one of Kingston Landscaping Pros custom designed water feature Kingston to your home can dramatically change the focal point of your backyard. We can work with existing water features or incorporate new water features into your design. There are many options when deciding on a water feature Kingston. Waterfalls range from gushing rocks to stunning large waterfalls.


Pool waterfalls keep the water moving, making pool maintenance easier. Constant water circulation ensures that pool water never stagnates and prevents algae growth.



Garden Rock Waterfall

Kingston Landscape Pros can enhance your patio, deck, or garden with a garden rock waterfall. You can build a new waterfall from scratch or use existing supporting rocks. In addition, the waterfall can be decorated with special granite and engraved with your family name or company logo. You’ll love sitting in the garden and stop going to the cottage on weekends.

A rocky backyard stream with a small waterfall.

Feel free to contact us to make an appointment and discuss what types of waterfalls, fountains, streams, and ponds you would like to create on your property.


In addition to its beauty, Garden Rock waterfalls have the added benefit of reducing ambient noise such as traffic, construction, barking dogs, and radios. The soothing backyard waterfall white noise will further transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis. 


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